A short film, shot primarily with a smartphone during my month long stay in Los Angeles, where I scheduled Gender Confirmation Surgery for July 21st, 2015.  After filing a Title IX complaint at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I obtained access to a student insurance plan which covered the surgery, largely through reimbursement. My journey consisted of public protest performances, instensive legal research and crowd fundraising, as well as emotional support from family and friends. The video attempts to suggest that my surgery was only part of a life-long journey to find the ocean and a home in LA.

Performed as part of Inhabit: Press Repeat on Feb. 23rd, 2016 at Tritriangle, Chicago. Companion to Surgical Remix, this performance served as a live director's commentary to the film screening. The video was screened twice, the second time with no audio, the performance incorporating an improvised puppet show. The subject matter quickly drifts from the content of the film to sharing intimate experiences with my body, sexuality and addiction.

This video accompanied a live performance with therapuetic goals, incorporating a sock puppet and audience participation. The film uses Post-Porn as a template to interweave the myth of Echo and Narcissus (Ovid), distant memories of identities fixed within photographs, an exploration of auto-eroticism and images of my garden. 

A performance piece, based upon a traditional Native American story of unknown origin, that exploits a dinner setting its unorthodox use value. The piece focuses on identity, hope, loss and struggle, moving between elements of traditional narrative, autobiography and visual comedy. For Nasty, Brutish and Short: a puppet cabaret. At Links Hall, Chicago. Sept. 21st, 2015.  Videography by Ji Yang.

A video art piece, based upon an assignment given to me in a class, Performing Fictions. The site is located in Dupage County, IL., where I grew up.

A video art work created for single channel projection in fall 2013. I wanted to find a performative metaphor my experience with the medical field as a trans person. During preparations, I found a wren upon the city sidewalk, having fatally flown into a building near Michigan av. My Mom and I had begun a project of capturing the audio as we looked through family photo albums, and a sample from these recordings felt appropriate for the piece.