Text for

Inflation Project: a performance of memory

"Nothing is faster than the speed of light,

except for the material universe micro-moments after the Big Bang,

and, perhaps, memory." 

What I recall from my dream last night begins with exiting a hotel, a ritzy hotel, at the same time as one of my instructors, for whom I am now an assistant teacher.  Secret service type-looking men escorted him to a stretch limousine in which a powerful political man waited.  This man was a billionaire and was, somehow, the most important power broker in the government.  I recognized his name as the name of an influential Hollywood producer and tried to clarify my suspicions with one of his guards.  But this was a secret I wasn't supposed to know.

I also remember over-hearing one of the guards tell my instructor that he would not be able to see the man's face for security reasons, that a black sheet would divide their seats.  I knew right away, I had to make myself indispensible to this powerful man's plans.

So I told one of the guards something that would force them to take me to him.  I think I told them that I knew everything about the universe.  They quizzed me, and I passed the test by listing, almost as a genealogy, how I had inherited my powers from a synthesis of all the world's religions.  I know that it incorporated some notion that I was the Devil, but that this role was necessary to bring about world peace.  They whisked me away through the glass doors and concrete corridors.

One of the guards stated that there was a major obstacle within the attitude of some important businessman or other that I couldn't possibly overcome.  I assured the guard I could and proceeded to ask another guard for a loan of $600,000, which he immediately acquiesced to by opening his wallet and handing me a business card.  This card would grant me access to anything that I needed.  Now in possession of this card, the guards were satisfied that I could, indeed, overcome any obstacle.  I continued to insist that the powerful man was a famous Hollywood producer.  But this was a secret I wasn't supposed to know.

I don't know what happened after that.  I remember seeing my instructor again but transformed.  I imagined him being a giant gold statue in the form of a cross with hieroglyphs adorning the front.  He seemed to welcome this change and adapt well to this reconfiguration of his body.

Then, somehow, everything changed.  And I entered a banquet hall set in the medieval period.  The guests were speaking stilted English and wore white makeup to express their wealth.  The men's blouses had stiff ruffles.  And I think I borrowed these images from the Black Adder comedy television series, starring Rowen Atkinson.  I don't think that I was particularly welcome in the hall and couldn't disguise the fact that I had, until recently, been poor.  I simply insinuated myself among the guests as my instructor's protégé.  I don't recall anymore going on in that room. 

Eventually, I went to a room where there was a tall throne prepared for the top spiritual leader of the world.  I remember that the space was draped with gauzy tan and olive veils.  The throne was just a golden and tan pillow atop a white pedestal.  Other people were standing around the throne, and I offered the seat to two guests, a man and a woman.  But they acknowledged it was for me.

From that point on, I remember feeling very giddy.  Women attended me and took me out dancing.  They loved how I danced so freely and powerfully, unafraid that people could see beneath my skirt to notice that I was pre-operative.

That's as much as I remember clearly, except to say that a wave of realizations washed over me.  I saw myself passing from one culture to the next in history until I came to the Nubian Kingdom of ancient Egypt.  There, I was escorted down the Nile and acknowledged as Pharaoh. 

When I woke up I realized that it was the Egyptians who brought me from the Nile River to Lake Michigan, which is why I am in Chicago now...